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A former Air Force officer and business consultant, CruisinBob is the official Cruise Agent for the 'Combat-Wounded Cruise'.  Due to his in-depth knowledge and experience with the cruise industry, he was instrumental to the success of our first Cruise, negotiating an outstanding deal with Carnival Cruise Lines with many additional perks and benefits.

Bob donates his time and effort for this cause and returns all proceeds and commissions back to The Combat-Wounded Cruise.  Bob began his global travels at an early age and has since traveled over 40% of the world, visited 71 countries, authored over 200 travel articles and sailed on 50+ cruises - he is now dedicated to helping family, friends and adventure-seekers find the perfect cruising experience.

CruisinBob truly believes that cruising is one of the most economical ways to travel and spend time with friends and loved ones and enjoy the adventures the world has to offer and will put this philosophy to work for you. 

CruisinBob holds an MA degree, speaks 2 foreign languages and is an accomplished speaker. Remember CruisinBob = Experience, Honesty Savings and Service.


J.J. O'Connor - President,

​The Combat-Wounded Cruise

A retired Naval Aviator with 23 years of service, and grandfather to Alex, the Combat-Wounded Cruise was started to honor the sacrifices made by young men and women who were ordered to go into harm's way.


Following Alex's injuries I spent many weeks at Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, MD. to monitor the progress of his recovery.  During that time, I met many other wounded heroes and their dedicated caregivers.  Some of the wounded have been patients in therapy or recovery for years, and their loyal caregivers will provide 24/7 attention and care for years to come.   What started as an offer to send Alex on a cruise to get away from it all and 'celebrate life' has morphed into an invitation to all wounded warriors and their caregivers to 'escape' with Alex and his buddies, family, friends and supporters - even if it is only for 7 days.

This is now be an annual event, thanks to the donations and support I have received from people like you. As President of this very small organization,

I make an annual salary of -ZERO- dollars per year as we are ALL VOLUNTEERS and I pay for my own cabin on board the cruise, because this is not about me - it's about our combat-wounded warriors.

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